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President Announces Ambitious Privacy Agenda.

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The President stopped in at the Federal Trade Commission yesterday and announced several new privacy initiatives in advance of his State of the Union Address.

The substance of these aside, the President’s announcement shows what a core part of the political agenda privacy has become.

One of the main points that the President made was that he wanted to improve consumer confidence by reducing identity theft.  As pointed out in the CyberSide Chat regarding “The Business Case for Privacy”, concerns ...

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CyberSide Chat–The Business Case for Privacy

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As Data Privacy Day approaches, it is important to examine some core issues about privacy and this CyberSide Chat addresses these issues, including the business case for privacy.

This Chat examines what privacy actually is–a societal norm that expresses a culture’s limitations on the collection, protection, processing, and deletion of information, as well as other topics, such as an overview of the demographics of privacy, and it lays out the business case for privacy by providing key research around consumer’s attitudes ...

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