The Lares Institute helps companies understand the role of information in executive decision-making and in broader economic issues.  Executive Director Andrew Serwin has written a number of leading works on privacy and information security, including several law review articles on proportionality and governance.   Click below to learn more.

White Papers.

HIPAA 2013.  This White Paper examines the recent revisions to HIPAA, including the role of information sensitivity in health care information.


Eye of the Beholder.  This study examines consumer views about privacy, including specific analysis of 100 data elements.  It provides guidance for companies seeking to understand how consumers view the use and disclosure of information.

The Demographics of Privacy.  This study examines how individuals view privacy and how demographic factors influence the privacy views of individuals.

Data Breaches and the Phantom Damage Allegation.  This study examines data breaches, including whether damage exists in the normal breach context.

A Study on Social Media.  This study examines social media use patterns, as well as individuals’ views on social media.

Information Superiority.

Making decisions is a core skill that executives must have.  Information Superiority is a Department of Defense Doctrine that can help companies facilitate executive decision-making by getting the right information, to the right executives, at the right time, which will help companies  increase revenues, reduce costs, optimize risk, mitigate brand damage, and reduce the cyber and industrial espionage risk that companies face.  The Lares Institute helps companies implement Information Superiority to aid executive decision-making, and the Lares Institute has published a number of papers and articles regarding Information Superiority.

Information Superiority and Information Sharing–A Solution for the Public and Private Sector.  This post examines what Information Superiority is, it’s origins in the public sector, and how it can be implemented to help private sector companies achieve their goals.

Information Superiority–The CEO’s Path to Improved Decision-Making.  This post examines the critical role of Information Superiority for today’s CEOs and discusses how Big Data can be harnessed to executives’ advantage.  It also addresses why this critical issue is core to executive decision-making and why Information Superiority is a CEO-level concern.


Managing cyber-risk is a critical issue for every company, and for C-Level Executives. Whether it is addressing state-sponsored actors, organized crime, or even competitors, making sure that your company has addressed these issues is critical.

Calling All CEOs-Are You Ready to Defend the Battlefield of the 21st Century?

Cybersecurity is a Board Issue–SEC Division of Corporate Finance CF Disclosure Guidance: Topic No. 2


Information Security and Privacy: A Guide to Federal and State Law and Compliance.

Information Security and Privacy: A Guide to International Law and Compliance.

The Internet Marketing Law Handbook.

Law Review Articles.

Privacy 3.0-The Principle of Proportionality.

Poised on the Precipice: A Critical Examination of Privacy Litigation.

The Federal Trade Commission and Privacy: Defining Enforcement and Encouraging the Adoption of Best Practices.